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With our Business Continuity Planning Services, our Houston Consulting Company provides businesses with a comprehensive audit and assurance, and business continuity plan. Our ISACA certified professionals use standards that are designed for the IT audit and assurance profession by using tools and techniques that provide methodologies in the application of IT audit and assurance process. COSO internal control framework addresses the needs of the IT audit and assurance professional offering your company auditing services:

  • Control Environment: The control environment sets the tone of an organization, influencing the control consciousness of its people.
  • Risk Assessment: Every entity faces a variety of risks from external and internal sources that must be assessed. This is especially true when contemplating Cloud Computing models available vs. traditional methods.
  • Control Activities: Control activities are the policies and procedures that help ensure management directives are carried out.
  • Information and Communication: Information systems play a key role in internal control systems as they produce reports, including operational, financial and compliance-related information that make it possible to run and control the business.
  • Monitoring: Internal control systems need to be monitored—a process that assesses the quality of the system’s performance over time. This is accomplished through ongoing monitoring activities or separate evaluations. We can provide monitoring services to your organization at an ongoing basis if requested. At the detailed level, this requires a licensed company and consultant if outsourcing this service.

ISACA & ASIS use other risk and security models that we utilize for your Houston based business. Contact us at 281-733-2422 for more details. Information Security and IT Security are NOT the same! You need to know the difference. Don't hire a consulting firm to do your risk assessment, IT audit, or business continuity plan that cannot provide you with a state licensed IT professional holding a board certification in either ISACA or ASIS.


Information Security & Vulnerability Management - The Time is NOW!!

The Utah Department of Technology Services (DTS) and the Utah Department of Health (UDOH) are working to identify and notify all victims whose personal information was stolen during a cyber attack on a state computer server in late March 2012. As reported on the government’s website up to 280,000 people had their Social Security numbers (SSN) stolen, and up to 500,000 others may have had other information (such as name, date of birth, address) stolen. When do default passwords become a configuration error? The answer is when your Legal department is managing the fallout after a data breach. Vulnerability management should be an integral component of your information security plan, and information technology infrastructure, and overall business strategy.

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Implementing and maintaining a secure corporate information environment, (Information Technology as well as Information Security), is a complex, technical challenge. Our advisory consultants manage risks as well as project overheads. Our senior level certified and state licensed consultants come from Corporate IT and Commercial Software Development backgrounds and are well equipped to assist your business in any information security or information technology decision.


Vulnerability Assessment

Beyond the firewall, port scans, and penetration tests that address exposure to the outside world, a vulnerability assessment goes way beyond analyzing a single point of failure or technology. Our plan starts from the ground up (internal infrastructure) and works its way out. Simply put, information security is not about focusing on one technology or solution. You must have a corporate plan in place. Beat fraud, stay compliant, and reduce audit costs. Contact us today for more information.




How secure are your information assets? Do you have complete confidence in your application, network, and host level controls as well as qualified personnel operating business systems containing confidential informatiion?

Putting the Personal Touch in Information Security and Technology



As a business owner, business should be your first priority, not technology. And as far as technology is concerned, Citiscape IT − a Certified Microsoft Small Business Specialist Company and Microsoft Certified Partner, can help your business flourish with effective and affordable customized solutions that meets your business and process needs. Like other Certified Microsoft Small Business Specialists and Microsoft Certified Partners, Citiscape IT has gone through extensive training and certification to learn and get equipped with the special technology needs specifically for small businesses.