Houston Network Security Services


Our Houston Information Security Services go way beyond the traditional security approach that many IT companies promote and offer as a service. Our belief is that network security, as well as information security, is more than just encryption, authentication, firewalls, and hardware appliances. The strength of our company is our ability to utilize products, business controls, and network security services to your business requirements and company policies, using the tools of technology as well as industry standard security framework backed by industry leaders such as ASIS and ISACA. We have the framework, tools, and knowledge that provide Houston businesses with information security, network perimeter security audit and assurance services to any type of business in the State of Texas. We provide a solid security framework analysis and risk assessment based off of security standards in the industry. Our staff consists of highly qualified and experienced personnel who are state licensed and board certified, with 30 plus years of experience in designing, and installing custom solutions to help maximize your success and helping your business gain competitive edge. Citiscape IT provides a full range of outsourcing services to small and medium size businesses and medical practices in Houston.

  • We can perform an assessment and security audit on your current IT vendors to see if you are getting what you pay for.
  • We can perform an assessment and security audit on your cloud services provider to see if you are getting what you pay for.
  • Save money in costly operating systems repairs, hardware replacement, and potential data/identity theft
  • Prevent unfriendly intrusions from the Internet, such as viruses, spyware, malware and hack-attacks
  • Operate your computer systems at their optimum performance capability
  • Build a safety net to recover in case of a computer crash or system malfunction
  • Monitor and investigate local and remote user activity and internet activity, email tracking and recovery, lost or deleted data recovery, firewall monitoring and reporting, security assessments, pen tests and network analysis.
  • Establish policies and procedures that help protect small businesses from illegal and criminal activity from employees on business systems; risk analysis and risk management.
  • Provide ongoing compliance management programs that are affordable for smaller regulated businesses.

Our security services will address all major security layers and our tools and methodologies are NIST based. Our services are strictly governed by the State of Texas and regulated by the Texas Regulatory Services Compliance and Enforcement Division (RSD), and are legally defensible in Texas courts. These services include (but are not limited to) analysis and reporting of: network penetration and perimeter tests, user and network monitoring, physical security, internet activity, port scanning, firewall logging / analysis and reporting, and other advanced network security and information security functions. Citiscape IT eliminates legal concerns for our clients as our state licensing is current and complete, and our information security work is defensible in a court of law in the State of Texas. Corporate data is very sensitive with any company. This information might be trade secrets, employee records, email communications, financial information, salary information, medical information or other crucial information relating to your company or employees; you want and need a responsible party who has access to this information and manages this data for you to meet state standards and regulatory compliance.


Your Houston Business or Houston Medical Practice needs professional IT Consultants that understand your workflow and business model. We take the time to understand your daily process and have vast experience in many industry verticals. We have business references in the following industry verticals:

    • Accounting & Financial
    • Benefit Recovery
    • Call Centers
    • Commercial Software Development
    • Church & Religious Institution
    • Consignments
    • Construction
    • Furniture & Design
    • Government
    • Healthcare
    • Health and Human Services (HHS)
    • Home & Interior
    • Insurance
    • Interpreting and Translation Industry
    • Investment Firms
    • Landscaping
    • Legal
    • Medical Practices (various fields)
    • Non Profit Organizations
    • Oil & Gas
    • Printing Press
    • Project Management Firms
    • Property Management (Commercial & Residential)
    • Real Estate
    • School Districts
    • Title Insurance Companies


We have hands on implementation, data conversion, and consulting experience with the following Industry Specific Proprietary Applications:

    • AIM for Windows (Title / Real Estate)
    • AmazingCharts (EMR / PPM)
    • AMSI (Property Management)
    • Axis-Three (EMR / PPM - Digital Imaging)
    • Canfield Mirror (EMR / PPM)
    • Cobra Accounting (CSCSC Cost Management)
    • CompuLaw (Legal)
    • CompuLink (EMR/PPM)
    • CS Professional Suite (Accounting)
    • eClinical Works (EMR/PPM)
    • EyeCare (EMR / PPM)
    • GE Centricity (EMR/PPM)
    • Global Shop (ERP / Manufacturing)
    • Evolution Series Property Management
    • Inform & Enhance (EMR / PPM)
    • Ivans Healthcare System
    • Kodak SoftDent (EMR / PPM)
    • Liberty (Consignments)
    • Mac Practice (EMR / PPM)
    • MediTech (EMR/PPM)
    • Moxy (Trade)
    • Navision Financials
    • Nextech (EMR / PPM)
    • OGSYS (Accounting)
    • OGWIN (Oil & Gas)
    • Open Plan Professional (Project Management)
    • Patient NOW (EMR / PPM)
    • Paulin Research Group (PRG / O&G)
    • PraxisEMR (EMR / PPM)
    • Primavera (Project Management)
    • Pro Docs (Legal)
    • ProSystems fx (Document Management Software)
    • QuickBooks (all versions)
    • ScriptLogic (Security, Policy Enforcement)
    • SpectorSoft Investigative & Surveillance Solutions
    • Sure Close (Title / Real Estate)
    • ZEH Software (O&G, GIS, MCAD)